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Lust Lace and Lingerie -- Brandi Evans
Lust Lace & Lingerie

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Templted-- Brandi Evans

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Game Night


Reading His Submissive
Restrained Fantasies book 2

Raven Malek has spent her life depending on one person: herself. Other people only let her down; she ’s learned this the hard way. When she’s betrayed by her drug-addicted mother on the eve of beginning a new chapter in life, Raven is forced to reach out for help, and she finds said help in the strong arms of Dallas detective—and Restrained Fantasies Dom—Carter Burkes. Carter is everything she tells herself she doesn’t want, strong, steadfast, and determined to save her. Independent Raven, however, isn’t keen on the idea of being “saved”. 

After the heartbreaking loss of the only woman he’s ever loved, Carter Burkes retreats inward. No relationships, just subs. Things are simpler that way. He throws himself into work, putting away violent husbands, abusive parents, anyone who commits violence against another, so when sexy Raven shows up anxious and in need of fast cash, he’s compelled to help. He offers her a job as his assistant for a class he’s teaching at Restrained Fantasies for new Doms called Reading Your Submissive.

At first, Raven isn’t sure about taking the job, but Carter assures her there’s no sex involved. He will simply place her in situations which will evoke emotions he can then point out. It seems safe enough, and the money is good. Over the course of the class, however, they fall into a dangerous game of emotional chicken. The harder Carter pushes Raven to open up, the harder she pushes back. Deciding a bit of give and take is in order, Carter offers something of himself, and in return, she offers something back. It’s risky. Every part of himself he gives her threatens to break open the mental lock box where he’s stored away the guilt he harbors over his lost love. 

Redemption or destruction? One way or the other, these two broken souls will never be the same.



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