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Deleted Scene 1

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character blog

Interview with a Fallen Angel

Joining us on Character Chat today is Seth, fallen angel and hero from my Loose Id release, Tempted. I'm so honored Seth trusted me to tell the story of how he met sexy, sassy Lyndi Garrison. Their story took my breath away, and I hope it does yours too! So without further ado...

Brandi:Welcome Seth! Thank you so much for dropping by. I had such a fun time telling yours and Lyndi's story. You two made quite the pair!

Thank you, Brandi. I'm glad to be here. I had a great time working with you while you wrote Tempted. That's such an appropriate title, too. Lyndi was certainly one huge, sexy temptation the night we met.

Tell me about it! She is definitely, how shall I say it...headstrong. What do you remember most about the night you met her?

That would have to be the incident in the shed.

Oh yeah! There's nothing like a sexy rendezvous in a dark shed to get the libido pumping!

No comment.

Moving things to a more serious note...would you tell our readers what you were doing the night you met Lyndi?

I was on a job for my bosses, the three Angels of Death. As a Death Worker, it was my duty to make sure deaths occurred according to my bosses' visions and then to transport the newly released souls to the waiting area.

That night started no differently than the countless others--at least until Lyndi exploded onto the scene with her temper and potty mouth cranked to max. She drew me in without even realizing it, and I--

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We don't want to give away too much, Seth.


Well, Seth, I don't want to keep you much longer. I know you're busy, but before you go, can you sum up why readers will like hearing yours and Lyndi's story, especially when there are so many great books out there?

Easy...Lyndi. She is the most incredible woman I've ever known. She's passionate. She's funny. She's sexy as hell. Who couldn't fall in love with someone so vivacious and full of life?
She has dark scars in her past, but she never let tragedy rule her. Was it any wonder I was so...Tempted?

deleted scene 1

Deleted scene 1: 

This little tidbit was in the initial draft of Tempted as my impulsive heroine was waiting for Seth to show up at her place, but I cut it because I felt like it was making her feel a little too desperate, like she'd descend into insanity if the hero didn't show up. And Lyndi is much stronger than that. She'd *mild spoiler* survived one of the hardest things any person could survive. Yeah, she was stronger than this. I mean, she still freaks out a bit in the revised scene but not to this extent. ;-)


Alcohol. That was what she needed to calm her nerves. Too bad it was only nine-thirty in the morning. She looked at the cabinet over the freezer where she kept her stash, looked at the clock again. Nine-thirty-one. 

Fuck it. 

She wanted that drink.

She climbed up onto the counter beside the fridge. “I should have insisted he leave a contact number,” she grumbled as she opened the cabinet door and pulled out a bottle of coconut rum. “But no-o!”

Deleted scene 2: 

This scene is pretty darn close to what was eventually written, but alas, it just wasn't getting across exactly what I wanted to say. :-(


Lyndi stared into his chocolate eyes and finally admitted the truth. He scared her. 
She was falling for him…hard. 

So, as those emotion-filled eyes stared back at her, waiting for her answer, she hesitated. She knew what she wanted. Him. In the most primal way possible. But what about her heart? Did she really want to risk breaking it wide open for a man who was only in town on business?

A man she knew had secrets.

She took a deep breath. This was the moment of truth. 

She opened her mouth—

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